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The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) introduced its stakeholder magazine Ubuntu – South Africa’s Public Diplomacy in action – in August 2012. The publication’s objectives are to communicate with and inform stakeholders on South Africa’s foreign policy positions, achievements, objectives and goals. It also provides analysis and information on key departmental issues ranging from current affairs, bilateral and multilateral milestones, upcoming events, as well as international work done by other government departments, business and parastatals.

Issue 31, 30 November 2023:

Special features in Issue 31 include:

  • Liberation Heritage: Aziz Pahad
  • South Africa’s vibrant sports tourism: A field of dreams and opportunities
  • Science Diplomacy: Reclaiming Africa’s intellectual future
  • The importance of ASEAN for South Africa 
  • IBSA at 20 years: The journey from revolutionary ideals to a 21st century developmental focus
  • BRICS building a “pluriversal” world
  • South Africa’s traditional medicine should be used in modern healthcare
  • A catalyst for change: Support Miles for Smiles
  • Deaf poetry: Expanding horizons
  • South Africa’s hottest new export is Amapiano
  • Netflix show made in South Africa a world favourite
  • The five best golf courses in South Africa

Issue 30 BRICS Special, August 2023:

Special features in Issue 30 include:

  • Welcome message by HE President Cyril Ramaphosa
  • BRICS Partnership has great value for South Africa 
  • BRICS collaboration finding solutions for challenges facing the global South 
  • The 2023 BRICS Summit: A return to dialogue and cooperation 
  • Towards a Just World Order
  • Outcomes of the 2023 BRICS Academic Forum: Fostering cooperation and advancing research
  • The New Development Bank: Built by and for developing countries
  • BRICS at 15: Youth as drivers of the BRICS Agenda
  • South Africa to host Future Skills Challenge
  • Creating resilient South African cities
  • BRICS advances African Tourism Agenda
  • What is a Sherpa?

Issue 29, May 2023:

Special features in Issue 29 include:

  • Liberation Heritage: Frene Ginwala remembered
  • Ubuntu Awards honour and celebrate excellence
  • Honouring exceptional African women
  • Global solidarity and accountability 
  • BRICS Partnership: Forging strong people-to-people ties
  • BRICS collaboration helps find solutions for challenges facing the global South 
  • Africa’s tourism sector is open and thriving 
  • Rock art as African history 
  • MeerKAT: Why South Africa’s massive astronomy project matters
  • Local artists put African animation on the global stage
  • Gloria Bosman was more than a South African jazz vocalist, she was a guiding light
  • Madosini: A South African national treasure whose music kept a rich history alive
  • Seven South African travelogues you should read
  • Young SA crew make history with podium finish in Cape2Rio
  • Flying the flag