Evacuation of South African nationals from Sudan

Media Statement


26 April 2023


Evacuation of South African nationals from Sudan


The South African Government is still working hard to ensure that its citizens and those from SADC and other countries are evacuated safely. We can confirm that the South African Government organised and paid for two busses to evacuate people from the danger zones.


We are grateful that Gift of the Givers organised and procured another bus to pick up some more South Africans and other nationals who missed the first two busses. We are particularly grateful that Gift of the Givers was able to accommodate our request to include the nationals of other countries that had requested support from the South African Government at a time when our two busses had already departed.


This was not an easy task. Our officials stayed in the danger zone and were only evacuated with South Africans and other citizens of other SADC countries. Facilitating travel passes for those who had left without passports delayed entry into Egypt and other countries. We are also grateful for the cooperation of the foreign ministries of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, who are working with us to ensure entry of people without the necessary papers for normal and regular entry into their countries.


Despite Gift of the Givers not being physically in Sudan, they were able to share information with DIRCO officials in Pretoria, and they were, in turn, kept abreast of developments by South African Government personnel on the ground. Evacuations like these depend on collaboration and partnerships, and we thank all those who are cooperating with us.




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