Diplomatic Vehicle Application Forms

Bill of Sale
Circular Note P18 of 2013
Circular Note P18 of 2013 Excel Template
Circular Note P16 of 2014 – Requirement on the Export and Verification of Engine and Chassis Number of Diplomatic Motor Vehicles
Circular Note P14 of 2016
DMV 1 Application to purchase or import
DMV - 1a Application to lease/bank finance a motor
DMV - 2 (Certificate A)
DMV - 3 (Certificate B)
DMV - 4 Application for Diplomatic Registration
DMV - 4a Application for Diplomatic Registration of leased vehicles
DMV - 5 Application for export vehicle
DMV - 6 Application for permission to sell etc.
DMV - 7 Application to de-register diplomatic vehicle
DMV - 9 Application to register mission or IO in levy rebate scheme
DMV - 10 Application to register diplomatic vehicle in levy rebate scheme
DA90 - Claim in respect of excise duty and fuel levy by representatives
DMV - 11 Application for refund of excise duty etc.